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KB45366 - Day-Zero Client Support for Upcoming OS releases.

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Last Modified Date10/7/2022 5:30 PM
This article facilitates a channel through which the customers can provide Beta testing feedback.
Problem or Goal
As we all know, there will be new OS versions released during the next few weeks by major OS vendors. To ensure that we provide Day-0 Support across all supported Platforms, we have been qualifying the latest Ivanti Secure Access Client GA version 22.2R1 on the latest OS Beta versions. This latest GA version of Client 22.2R1 is being qualified for both Desktop and Mobile Platforms for Day-0 testing. The builds are available on Download Portal for Desktop and on Store for Mobiles. Based on our Testing done so far, we are treating the 22.2R1 GA version as the Client for Day-0 Support. So far, we have not encountered any major issues, although we are investigating some of the findings as we continue our broad Testing.

We have also released ESAP 4.0.5 which provides Day-0 support for macOS Ventura 13.0 & Android version 13. For details, refer to ESAP 4.0.5 Release Notes

Note: ESAP 4.0.6 will have support for iOS 16 (Tentative for Mid-Sep. 2022). 

  Platforms Under Test:

iOS Known Issue # 1 - PIOS-5598  -   Modification of L3/L4 per-app VPN profile from Air watch does not update the profile properly.
  SymptomUpdated profile is not shown in the Ivanti Secure Access Client App.
  Workaround:  Perform profile Un-assignment and re-assignment.

Android Known Issue # 1 - PAND-5773 - App crash is observed while enrolling to ZTA after a fresh installation. This is a one-time issue only. .
  Workaround – Relaunch the client, open the ZTA profile, and click connect to continue enrolment.

Android Known Issue # 2 - PAND-5638 - The app crashes when a user connects/adds and connects to a VPN profile for the first time. This is a one-time issue only. 
  Workaround – Relaunch the App.

macOS 13 ( Venture) Known issues:

macOS 13 (Ventura) Known Issue #1: During the upgrade users are prompted by a warning message “ Uninstall’ is damaged and can’t be opened.
ImpactFailed to uninstall the older package during the ISAC client upgrade
End User
End Users will see the following error during ISAC client upgrade.
  User-added image
Plan to FixIvanti Secure access Client 22.3R1
Ivanti Bug IDPRS-412144

macOS 13 (Ventura) Known Issue #2: ISAC client launch via browser or browser based connection fails, when Host checker is configured.
ImpactFailed to establish the VPN connection
End User SymptomsEnd user will see following error while launching/installing the client via browser or during browser based session  and failed to establish the connection.
  User-added image
WorkaroundEstablish the VPN connection using ISAC client
Plan to FixIvanti Secure access Client 22.3R1
Ivanti Bug IDPRS-412672

macOS 13 (Ventura) Known Issue #3: While launching the JSAM getting an error message failed to launch JAVA applet.
ImpactFailed launch the JSAM client
End User SymptomEnd user will see following error while launching JSAM and failed to establish the connection.
  User-added image
Plan to FixTBD
Ivanti Bug IDPCS-38008

  Day-0 Beta Schedule:
  •  Start Date: 04th Aug 2022
  •  End Date: 15th Aug 2022.
  Day-0 Beta Feedback:
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