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KB9566 - Verify that the Terminal Service Resource Policy is configured correctly

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Last Modified Date8/14/2015 2:53 PM
This article describes how to verify that the resource policies for Terminal Services is allowing access to resources.
Problem or Goal
Users are unable to access resources with Terminal Services.

If users are unable to access resources through Terminal Service sessions, it is possible that the resource policies are not allowing access to the resources. 

To verify that the resource policies are configured correctly:

Login to the PCS as an administrator and navigate to Resource Policies > Terminal Services > Access Control


You can filter the policies that are displayed to only show the policies that apply to a specific role.  To filter the displayed policies, click on the dropdown menu at the top of the page:


Select the role used then click on the Update button.  Each policy can either allow or deny access, so first make sure there are no conflicting policies in the list.  For example, for a single resource, ensure there isn't a policy to allow access to that resource and another one that denies access to the same resource.  Select the policy to verify.  Check the following items:

  • Make sure the resource(s) the user(s) are trying to access is/are listed in the resource section with the corresponding ports that need to be accessed. 


    The resources should be defined in the following manner:
         <IP address or hostname of the server>:<port>,<port>,<port> ... etc.
    A subnet may also be defined in the following manner:
         <network>/<subnet>:<port>,<port>,<port> ... etc.
  • The next thing to check is that the "action" section is set to allow access.

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