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KB44772 - SNMP Queries traffic is sent out only from the internal/management port

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Last Modified Date4/1/2021 11:30 AM
This article describes the traffic flow of SNMP Queries traffic being sent only via the internal/management port under the following condition. 
Problem or Goal
PCS device is not responding to SNMP Queries via internal port when management port is enabled (or) internal/management/external port is selected under System > Configuration > Advanced Networking > SNMP Traps
SNMP Queries & SNMP Traps are two different entities and Advance Networking Configuration option is only provisioned for SNMP Trap not for SNMP Query 

SNMPD Process listens on SNMP Queries as below: 

If the management port is enabled, then it listens on management port. 
If the management port is disabled, then it listens on internal port. 

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