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KB44954 - SNMP Query for IfHighSpeed fetches wrong value from a PSA 7000 hardware

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Last Modified Date3/31/2022 3:29 PM
SNMP response for IfHighSpeed is not returning correct values for PSA7000 Hardware
Problem or Goal
For PSA7000 device Network Overview page on admin GUI shows 1000Mbps speed for mgmt,int. and ext. ports but SNMP Query output for IfHighSpeed is returning default value of 10 Mbps.

ifHighSpeed output of "10" is only a display issue and does not affect any functionality or performance.

mgmt,int and ext ports (eth1 to eth5) is not returning correct value as shown below:
STRING: lo ifHighSpeed.1 = Gauge32: 10
STRING: sit0 ifHighSpeed.3 = Gauge32: 0
STRING: mgt0 ifHighSpeed.4 = Gauge32: 1000
STRING: eth1 ifHighSpeed.5 = Gauge32: 10
STRING: eth2 ifHighSpeed.6 = Gauge32: 10
STRING: eth3 ifHighSpeed.7 = Gauge32: 10
STRING: eth4 ifHighSpeed.8 = Gauge32: 10
STRING: eth5 ifHighSpeed.9 = Gauge32: 10
STRING: int0 ifHighSpeed.10 = Gauge32: 10000
STRING: ext0 ifHighSpeed.11 = Gauge32: 10000 

. = STRING: "lo" (loopback)
. = STRING: "sit0" (6to4 tunnel)
. = STRING: "eth0" (mgmt0)
. = STRING: "eth1" (mgmt port)
. = STRING: "eth2" (left ext port)
. = STRING: "eth3" (left int port)
. = STRING: "eth4" (right ext port)
. = STRING: "eth5" (right int port)
. = STRING: "int0" (int0)
. = STRING: "bond1" (ext0)
The speed for physical interfaces were not being fetched from Linux, instead was being set as default.
The Default value is 10Mbps
Issue is fixed in PCS and PPS version 9.1R14. ETA for the release of 9.1R14 is JAN 2022
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Created ByRajkumar Tamilarasan



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