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KB45273 - When connecting to Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) device, end user is prompted with "You are not allowed to sign in. (Error 1329)"

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Last Modified Date6/30/2022 3:18 AM
This article describes an issue where end users are unable to connect to the Pulse Connect Secure device with the error message of "You are not allowed to sign in. (Error 1329)".
Problem or Goal
When the end user attempts to connect to Pulse Connect Secure, the following message appears:
O Connection Error  You are not allowed to sign in. (Error:1329)  Contact your network administrator
In the User Access logs [System > Log/Monitoring > User Access], the following log may appear :
Login failed. Reason: No Roles.

This issue occurs when the user is not mapped to any User Roles under User Realm.
Related Links
To resolve this problem, Pulse Connect Secure administrators should ensure the user is mapped to a User Role [User Realm > Role Mapping]
Rule can be based on username, user attribute, certificate, group membership or customer expressions.
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