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KB45289 - how does ICE license behave in clustered environment

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Last Modified Date6/30/2022 9:46 AM
This article describes some working-as-designed behavior of ICE automatic license.
Problem or Goal
To explain working as designed behavior of ICE automatic feature.
In Case of Emergency (ICE) license is a Pulse Connect Secure license that can be activated on a device to increase the licenses to match the number of maximum connections that the hardware supports + 10%.

ICE license is node-specific and doesn't depend on the number of days, rather, it depends on the usage of the ICE license.

In cluster set-up, there is no sync between ICE licenses and the usage is node-specific. 

The ICE license validity will be proportional to the utilization of both nodes separately. Hence, the node having less ICE license validity will expire first.

Since both the nodes in a cluster need an ICE license, if the ICE license on one node expires, we must renew this license to keep using ICE license in the cluster.
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