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TSB43731 - Software End of Life Announcement – Pulse Connect Secure Email Client Access (Mail Proxy) in Pulse Connect Secure virtual appliances

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Last Modified Date4/10/2018 5:17 PM
Legacy Id
Product AffectedPulse Connect Secure
Alert Description
Pulse Secure has made the decision to deprecate Email Client (Mail Proxy) in Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) virtual appliances. Pulse Connect Secure v8.3 becomes the last release to officially support the Email Client feature in virtual appliances (VA-SPE and PSA-V).
This deprecation notification applies ONLY to PCS customers actively using the legacy Email Client feature (Mail Proxy) on Virtual Appliance. PCS customers that use PSA or MAG series hardware may safely ignore this notification
OVERVIEW: The Email Client (Mail Proxy) option enabled users to use standards-based e-mail clients to access corporate e-mail securely from remote locations without the need for any additional software, such as a VPN client. It used to provide support for SMTP, POP and IMAP servers.
With the emergence and widespread adoption of Exchange ActiveSync, Email Client as an access feature was deprecated on all platforms. It was also discontinued on all hardware models starting with the MAG series and this applied to the current PSA hardware models as well.
While legacy VA-SPE appliances have continued to support this feature till the 8.3 release, it is now deprecated. From upcoming release v9.0R1 onwards, this functionality will be completely removed from all virtual appliances (PSA-V). 
AFFECTED PRODUCT: The following product code will be affected.
Product CodeProduct Description
N/AEmail Client (Mail Proxy) on PCS Virtual Appliances
END-OF-LIFE: Pulse Secure intends to deprecate support for the Email Client feature on virtual appliances in Pulse Connect Secure v8.3. In other words, v8.3 becomes the last release to officially support the Email Client feature on virtual appliances.
END-OF-ENGINEERING: The End-of-Engineering milestone for v8.3 occurs on 2018-10-11.
Software releases addressing the issues reported on Email Client (Mail Proxy) feature on a Pulse Connect Secure virtual appliances after the End of Engineering (EoE) milestone for 8.3 software release will no longer be made available. 
Alert TypePSN - Product Support Notification
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