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TSB43886 - Important information about Pulse Secure Mobile App on iOS 12 devices

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Last Modified Date9/10/2018 11:45 PM
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Product AffectedPulse Mobile App for iOS (Pulse Connect Secure)
Alert Description
This notification contains important information for IT teams to help ensure uninterrupted usage of Pulse Secure mobile app on Apple iOS 12 devices
Pulse Secure has added support for the soon to be released Apple iOS 12 devices in Pulse Secure Mobile App v 7.0.0 that was published to the App Store on 16th Aug 2018.

iOS 12 has significant changes related to the underlying framework used for VPN services (Apple Network Extension Framework) as a result previous versions of Pulse Secure Mobile App (v6.8.0 and lower) will not work on iOS 12 devices. To ensure uninterrupted usage of Pulse Secure app please advice your end-users to upgrade to the latest version of Pulse Secure App available on the App store before they upgrade their Apple devices to iOS 12. 

If the device is upgraded to iOS 12 before upgrading the Pulse Secure App then the app will not work (for details refer KB43885) To recover simply upgrade to the latest version of Pulse Secure App

If you do not use client certificate based authentication for the App the following information in the article does NOT apply to your deployment. 

If you use Client Certificate based Authentication for the App to connect to Pulse Secure gateway then the following information will apply to your deployment:

1. Please review the known issue with Certificate based authentication described in KB43813
2. If you have already deployed the workarounds described in the same KB43813 article then you should not be impacted by the same client certificate auth related issue again after upgrading to iOS12
3. Important Note: For customers that,
  • Use certificate authentication along with a MDM solution to manage the VPN profile on the iOS device
  • Have NOT YET  applied the workarounds described in KB43813 it is important that you deploy the workaround before end-users upgrade to iOS 12 as there is a known issue with certificate authentication that is triggered upon iOS version upgrades as described in the last row of the table published in KB43813. This issue has been reported to Apple and as of the last beta drop of iOS 12 this issue is unresolved. Pulse Secure will continue to work with Apple and recommends impacted customers to deploy the workaround described in KB43813. Please monitor KB43813 for any further developments on this specific issue as we are continuously working to resolve this issue.
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