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TSB44876 - On some macOS endpoints, it is observed that the Pulse Desktop Client & browser based applications are affected.

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Last Modified Date8/24/2021 12:28 PM
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Product AffectedPulse Desktop Client macOS, PCS (PSAL, Pulse Secure Setup Client related to macOS)
Alert Description
Starting today (24th of August, 2021), many macOS endpoints are unable to launch / establish Pulse Desktop client connection with error “Failed to connect to the Pulse secure service”.

User-added image

Some users may also see the following message on their macOS endpoints during the launch of pulse client,

User-added image

Additionally, connections via Browsers may also be impacted.

This issue affects Pulse Desktop mac Clients and macOS specific PCS/browser components (PSAL, Setup Client) that do not yet use Apple notarized binaries. We have involved Apple for further details.

Affected Versions:

PDC  macOS Versions 9.1R8 and below.
PCS (macOS components) Versions 9.1R8.4 and below.

The issue is not known to affect:

•    Other operating systems.
•    macOS Big Sur (Only PDC 9.1R8.2 and above is supported on Big Sur).

Prerequisite: Customers who are on PCS 9.1R8.2/9.1R9.1/9.1R10.2/9.1R11.1 (including 9.1R7 or below) or below must first resolve all the Windows cert issues outlined in KB44781 (Including the related KBs) before implementing the solution for macOS.

Please upgrade to Pulse macOS Desktop Client 9.1R9.2 or above via the browser upon upgrading PCS to versions 9.1R9.2/9.1R10.2/9.1R11.3 or above to resolve the Pulse client functionality issue (We strongly recommend the latest versions as they have Security fixes & bug fixes).This will resolve the browser based applications access issues as well.


1.    Although, pulse macOS Desktop client 9.1R8.2 has the Apple notarized binaries, we are recommending to use 9.1R9.2 as Windows users may hit the issue as described in KB44781.
2.    You may run into an issue via browser access during the first attempt, however, subsequent attempts should succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.    Is there any workaround for this issue?
A.   There is no workaround for this issue as the enforcement is from the Operating System.
Alert TypePSN - Product Support Notification
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